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    Changing Boy

  5. Being an incredible babysitter.

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    In case you were unable to join us live in Seattle or on Twitch when we showed the Firewatch for the first time (Australia, you are forgiven for not staying up until 3:30 AM), you can now—and must—watch it here.

    The trailer consists entirely of in-engine footage, and we’re pretty excited about how things are coming together. Now we just have to, well, make the rest of the game. Stay tuned for that.

    Share it around and let us know what you think!

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    Welcome to Derinkuyu, an underground city that once housed up to 20,000 people. In the Cappadocia region, famous for its cave dwellings and underground villages, Derinkuyu stands out for sheer size and complexity. Locals began digging in the 500s BCE. The city consists of over 600 doors, each of which can be closed from the inside. Each floor could be closed off as well. And just to make attacking completely impossible, the entire city was deliberately built without any logic. Its maze-like layout makes navigating the city nightmarish for unfamiliar invaders.

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