1. nicolasdelort:

    Illustrations for The Book of Tyrael ©Blizzard Ent.

    Just realized I never posted these here!

    Four (of the seven) illustrations I did for the Book of Tyrael, a lore book on Diablo III. The artist lineup is impressive and I was very nervous when the AD, Doug A. Gregory, asked me to participate. But in the end he was awesome and it was one of my favorite jobs in 2013.

    New website!!

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  2. The Evil Dead - Sam Raimi’s low budget camera rigs

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  3. marineer:

    M83 feat. Susanne Sundfør - Oblivion

    OST “Oblivion” (2013)

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  5. dharbin:


    5” x 7”, ink and watercolor on bristol. Warmup drawing from a sketch of this very straight-backed drummer I saw the other day. 

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  7. cg-hub:

    Heist 2D digital sci-fi illustration created in Photoshop by concept artist Alexander Mandradjiev of Woodland Hills, California!!! http://mandra.cghub.com/images/

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    Darkstalker’s Morrigan 3D character fan art sculpt created in Zbrush and Keyshot by digital artist hazardous ( Jon Troy Nickel) of Widgee, Australia!!! http://hazardous.cghub.com/images/

  9. ca-tsuka:

    Mondo is celebrating LAIKA Animation Studios with releases of CORALINE & PARANORMAN soundtracks on deluxe limited edition vinyl.